Linear Algebra Done Right

Sheldon Axler

Videos to Accompany the Fourth Edition

These videos should inform and entertain you, while providing insight and motivation. Click on a link below to see a video about the corresponding section of Linear Algebra Done Right (fourth edition).

Each “slides” link gives a pdf file of the slides that accompany the corresponding video. These slides are designed to be viewed in Adobe Acrobat with magnification set to “Zoom to Page Level”, not a web browser.

These videos were originally produced to accompany the third edition of Linear Algebra Done Right. However, the videos contain no references to theorem numbers or page numbers. Thus where the topics and approaches are the same in the third and fourth editions, these videos will work well for the fourth edition. New videos to deal with topics new to the fourth edition will gradually be added to this website, and new videos to reflect new approaches in the fourth edition will also gradually replace older videos.